Prior Learning Assessment

Many first responder skill sets are gained in numerous ways: employment experience, military service, academy training (police, fire, FBI, etc.) disaster related deployments, licenses, employment certification training programs (including those offered online by the Federal Emergency Management Agency), or acquisition of a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) or Associate Emergency Manager (AEM®) designation through International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). PLA is not awarded for experience per se; rather it is awarded for the learning acquired outside the college classroom.

Individuals majoring in Disaster Management at FIU can submit evidence of documented prior learning.

  • Between 0-30 credits of upper division academic credits will be awarded based on the extent of an individual’s prior learning experience in the field of disaster management.

Any individual who prepares and submits a portfolio for review will be required to formulate a justification and rationale on how the prior learning experience relates to the discipline and learning outcomes associated with the degree. Mandatory attendance at the Introduction to Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment for Disaster Management (offered every semester for 0 credits) is required in order to submit a portfolio.  Portfolios may only be submitted once and are bound by FIU’s Academic Integrity Policies.