Benny Solis

Adjunct Professor / AIDP Undergraduate Program

Academy for International Disaster Preparedness


Benny Solis is a Police Major who has dedicated 23 years of service to the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD), exemplifying commitment, leadership, and expertise in public safety.  Major Solis is assigned to the South Operations Division, South District, which is the largest MDPD police district in Miami-Dade County (460 miles). As Major, he is responsible to the strategic planning, supervision and leadership, policy development, budget management, crisis response and management, data analysis, and community engagement. Throughout his tenure, Major Solis held various crucial roles, each contributing to his extensive experience in criminal investigations, crisis response, emergency management and community policing. During his years of service, he has investigated multiple local, state, and federal investigations to include the Florida International University (FIU) Bridge collapse.  


As an educator, Major Solis brings real-world scenarios into the classroom, creating a dynamic learning environment. His courses emphasize the importance of strategic planning, interagency collaboration, and effective leadership in emergency management. Major Solis’ commitment to fostering the next generation of emergency management professionals is reflected in his engaging teaching style and dedication to student success.


Major Solis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management and a Master’s degree in International Disaster Management from the prestigious Florida International University. 


Major Solis continues to be a beacon of leadership, resilience, and dedication within both the law enforcement community and the academic realm. His dual roles as a Police Major and Adjunct Professor exemplify his commitment to shaping a safer and more resilient future for communities and emergency management professionals alike.